Monday, December 14, 2009

Tony wears his new santa hat everywhere, including the grocery store, the movie theater & parties, where he rubs it and says "feel my hat, it's soft."

This post is unrelated to the title, because I don't have anything else to say about his new obsession with his santa hat, and because I couldn't think of a clever title for this post.

Me: Hey Tony can I have a bowl of cereal?
Tony: Sure
Me: Do you want one?
Tony: No there is only enough left for one bowl.
Me: Oh, then nevermind. I will save it for you to have for breakfast.
Tony: No, you can have it.
Me: No, no, I'll find something else to eat.
Tony: No, eat it. We've got to make you fat, make you fat, make you fat. (sung)
Me: Why would you want to make me fat?
Tony: What? Huh? Oh, nothing. It's not like I'm going to eat you or something.

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