Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tony has no shame. None. I think he lost it somewhere, but he is not looking for it, that's for sure.

For Valentine's Day, Tony and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite little restaurants in town. It's a nice, classy joint with fancy drinks and expensive entrees.
Tony wore a vest.
I bought it for him for Christmas because I thought it would look cute on him, and it does.
(I also bought him a scarf, because the whole month of December he walked around saying, "My neck is cold.")
So anyway, back to the vest. It has two little tiny pockets in the front. They are decorative. They're not even big enough to put anything in, so they're not really for storage. And, well, you'll see why they're not made to keep your hands warm.

This is what Tony did once he was done eating:

I was just giggling and taking photos, and the conversation went like this:
(In all seriousness) Tony: "What are you laughing about?"
Me: "Those pockets are not made to put your hands in. You look ridiculous."
Tony: "No I don't. I look awesome." (This is one of Tony's go-to phrases.)
Me: Silence.
Tony: "Well, here. Let's ask the waitress."
Me: "Ask the waitress what?"
Tony: "If I look ridiculous."

And he did. He asked her. In fact, he summoned her over and said, "I have a question for you" in the "Can I talk to your manager" voice.
"Do you think I look ridiculous with my hands in my pocket like this?"

She said no. (She wanted her tip, I'm sure.)
Tony was so proud of himself.

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  1. This blog is hilarious. How does the "awesome looking" Tony feel about being the center of so much attention, I wonder?
    Monica :)