Monday, February 8, 2010

Tony says all the wrong things, and it is funny

We just downloaded these new games on our iphones called "Associate This" where it gives you words, and you have to type in words that associate. It ends up being a big web and words are interconnected, etc. There are a couple of versions of the game, the general version, the movie version, USA version and one simply called "Girls." Last night we wanted to try and fill one out together and our remaining choices were "USA" and "Girls." We chose girls because I decided that Tony could complete USA by himself, but might need my help for Girls.

So we start out, and the first word is, not surprisingly, girls. We type in things like "Pink", "Diamonds", "Fashion", "Jewelery" etc. And yes, these are all answers. It's mildly offensive.

After awhile we've answered a few questions and we're trying to come up with words that associate with "Marriage" and "Love".



Eventually we learn that it starts with an "r-e"


Yes. This is the person I'm marrying. Should I be worried?

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  1. I love this site - so cute! Sounds like you both have a great sense of humor.